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Taylor D – No More lyrics

Feat. Ms Diamond Diva And Lexxie

[Taylor D - Verse 1]
I'm tryna let go all the hurt
I feel right now
Could give a fuck
You change your ways
And turned your life around
Remember the days
You took for granted
All the second chances
Remember the hoes
The lies you told
I felt so disrespected
I always held you down
In return I felt neglected
You say you care
Boy I can't tell
The way you act so reckless
I gave my all
You took that shit
Man you so fucking selfish
Now look whos knocking at my door
You look so fucking helpless
So fucking worthless in my eyes
Not even half a man
So fucking useless in my life
Move on
Bet I can
Delete my number
Don't pretend to act like
I'm your friend
Delete my memory
From your life
Don't look for me again
It's funny how the tables turn
I bet you thought you'd win
But I will never give my love to you ever again
To never know you in my life
I'll gladly pretend
To never know you in my life
I'll gladly pretend

[Hook - Lexxie]
You say that you love me
So why do you hurt me
Baby can't you see your causing pain
I'm constantly drowning
Far out from surroundings
Tell me how can I turn off this rain
Cause baby I cry
And no matter how I try
You say that you love me so why do you hurt me
I just can't take it no more
Can't fake it no more

[Ms Diamond Diva - Verse 2]
One thing you taught me was to always keep the bulletproof cuz love's a stray bullet aint no telling where it's gonna shoot not always true but that's the case when it comes down to you not into games but at this point I refuse to lose I'm like a joint just pull me slow and take me in and blow me out you blow me off shit here we go again okay I'm goin in fuck you your family and your friends and fuck that bitch for disrespecting our relationship wish I had stevie's eyes cuz that shit was a straight surprise didn't see it coming I was blinded by all the lies and all the hurt and the pain that you put me through who'd a thought the one to leave me hurting was you who'd a though that I would be playing the fool playing them games to get closer to you who'd a though that I would be playing the fool playing them games to get closer to you


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