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Tarik Mishlawi – Player lyrics

Intro: Hahaha, Oh you thought it was over didn’t you? Nah man!

Chorus: I don’t wanna be a player no more, punisher still got what you lookin’ for (x2)

Verse 1:

You talked about peace what ever happened to that
At least now we implemented democracy in Iraq
Shut your mouth man, yo I’m sick of your bullshit
My brothers and sisters are all in pain just because of it
American citizen I’m from arab descent
You think I’m happy with the direction our has nation went
Now check it; I’m not right here just to complain for myself
Unlike most of you people I feel for somebody else
You tryna tell me that you meetin’ Justin Biebers your dream
Don’t you got your own ambitions ‘bout what you wanna be
Something I can’t believe you want what’s seen on tv
Well you should check the news channel you won’t like what you see
Societies wack the revolution will be televised
I can't stand to see another kid as he cris
Fox news, yo I’m sick of your lies
What is it everyone to you’s a terrorist in disguise

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2:

I’ma keep doing me I don’t care what you say
I aint workin’ for tomorrow I’ma finish today
They scared you a real player then come out to play
I wrote this song 2013 on the 2nd of May
And nothings changed I’m the biggest youngest kid in my grade
Concerned with this 8th graders already they tryna get laid
These little girls standing on scales to check out they weight
Don’t be self conscious believe me ladies that life can be great
Study hard but I wont let an exam say my fate
I got much more than a damn college degree on my plate
Dream big go hard ever since I was 8
Now I doubled my age real world open your gates

Chorus (Until Fade Out)

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