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Summer Dying – Eternal Sleep lyrics

Heartsick to see the endless cycle
I crave to see my empty grave
Broke down and beat, an endless cycle
Six feet I sleep inside my grave
Hearts break, I see your fading smile
I wish to feel you inside me
Blood-soaked, my sheets are red with desire
Flows fluently like a neverending stream

So to your bridge to be burnt...Lifeless I lay
So to your life to be born...Lifeless I lay

Alone again, the endless cycle
My bones ache for eternal sleep
Locked away in my cold, dark coffin
Bury me deep so you will never find me
Feel all the pain...Pain will end this cycle
Mourn over (my) death, through it sets me free
Gun to my head, should I end this? Do this?
Question I asked myself day after day...Torment!

Sleep, dream, feeling dormant
Sleep deep and feel the pain
Tortured souls will open up your heart...Torment!
Sleep, dream, feeling dormant
Sleep deep and feel the pain
Tortured souls will open up your heart

I can feel your agony
You're bleeding out your eyes and throat
I can't feel the apathy
The end is soon to set you free


Tear-filled eyes drown the skies
A silent cry as the world rests
Close your eyes and dream forever...Now sleep
I give up - it's like staring death in the eyes
For years I've cried and now I bleed for you
Years I've died and still I bleed for you...

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