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Sudden Change – Comin' On Strong lyrics

Here we come y'all, here we come
Come on, yeah
Here we come y'all, here we come

Pass the mic
Step aside and let me kick it
First you heard us sing
Now it's time for us to rip it

Time to show and prove
So watch these sisters catch?

But a different effect

Not comin' on hard, because we're smooth
(We're smooth)
Yeah, we're smooth
This goes out to all you playas and?
Tryin' to get close
Take me home and bend me over
I'm not the trick or your everyday skanksta
Baby break why?
'Cause sudden change don't need ya
You're pushing up and I'm shuttin' ya down
Pump the sound

(We're comin' on smooth)
(We're comin' on strong)
(Bring it on down)
(Hold that soft note long)
(Hip hop beat comin', goin')
(Well that'll get us sway, to it)
(This is what we have? Around your body)

You thought you were smooth
But you couldn't jack my body
Call me crazy names
Said that I was actin' snotty
Now you understand that this sister can't be played
Baby, wake up and stop livin' in a masquerade

Don't fall on me when your prick is at attention
Oh, by the way, yeah
I thought that I should mention
Your tired ass lines, and you're always wonderin' why
(She keeps on passin' you by)

Don't need a man, if a man is out to get me
Wine me, dine me, take me home and try to stick me
Don't set the? Because I'll be wreckin' your world
Good girl

[Repeat chorus]

Make way
Here comes the crazy rump shaker
Bringing you joy like my girl Anita Baker
Knockin' my boots
Well keep knockin' at my door fool
I'm slippin', trippin', and I'm rippin' up a new school
It takes a fool to learn that love don't love nobody
You played me like a game
Like I was some kind of hobby
You want my love and when you want it
Then you go
I can't believe you tried to play me?
I'm not the one you?
You slept on
Sudden changes are the best
Yo mic, bring the? Rest

[Repeat chorus]

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