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Subculture Stereo – Celebrity lyrics

I can't leave my house can't go for a walk
I can't go to the store can't take it no more
My life is a movie for everyone to see
There's always somebody taking pictures of me
I can't protect myself I need a bodyguard
I never knew life could be this hard
Hiding round the corner just a waitin for me
I'm another victim of the Paparazzi

Is it obsession boredom or envy
They wanna exploit my life
Cause I'm a celebrity
They wanna tell the whole world lies about me
They wanna ruin my life
Cause I'm a celebrity

I'm an eccentric who made it this far
And now there's no turning back cause now I'm a star
Forget what it's like to live a normal life
My mind is all demented from this strife
The money is good and the drugs come free
I'll always have more drugs than I'll ever need.
Being on TV is no longer a game
It's nothing new to me I'm use to the fame

There's no other career left for me
Now I'm stuck with this name cause I'm a celebrity
Someday they'll make a show about me
They'll all laugh at me because I'm a celebrity

Will they remember me well I'm not sure
There'll be a time when I'm obscure
Living this lifestyle has been fun
But I'll be a washup when retirement comes
One mistake and you'll hear my name
You'll see my face all over the front page
Will I do jailtime well probably not
My get out of jail card it can be bought

Obsession boredom or envy
They wanna exploit my life
Cause I'm a celebrity
There's always lawsuits going against me
I'm always in trouble
Cause I'm a celebrity

Ooh Oh Yeah

Oh I'm a freak in a world full of freaks
Oh I'm a freak
Oh I'm a freak in a world full of freaks
Oh I'm a freak
Ooh Yeah
I'm a celebrity

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