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Styles Of Beyond – World Famous lyrics

It's the world famous!
Style of Beyond
It's Demigodz in the mothafuckin house!
No question!
It's the world famous!
Style of Beyond
It's Takbir in the mothafuckin house!
No question!
It's the world famous
Style of Beyond
It's Ryu in the mothafuckin house!
No question!
It's the world famous!
Style of Beyond
It's Cheapshot in the mothafuckin house!
No question!

[Verse:] [Ryu]
No question I stretch em boflex
Coke checks homey we coat tecks
Pussy we don't really feel you like phone s**
Ya styles a hollogram the crowds intollerant
I rocked it no sweat
Before the 10 grand wasted in France
Hit the stage gave the whole place a taste of the ranch
No question
Ima straight monster spittin the white stuff
On the tape Kate Moss was sniffin
You fuck-ups got it twisted once again
I'm sicker than Sid Vicious on a 6 day benge
Any friends wanna jump in? I'll ixnay them
Out the picture when that switchblade
Slits they ribs
In the streets we crush em like toy cars it's nothin
Ya whole squads like a bunch of Boy Georges frontin
Fuck em!
So don't trip I'll slip that gold necklace
Off and hit the pawn shop
No question


Verse 2 [Tak]
Ladies and gentlemen I'm raisin adrenaline
See my
Flavor is limitless a brain full of riddlin
Subterrainian take a train to get into it
Get it?
Come on let's kick I'm bound to show you a thing or 2
Follow me now and watch the razor light hit
I'm bout to bring it back to the days of Syprus
Lickin a shot
Starin out the temple of boom
A major crisis
Especially when I step in the room
Haha haha
Laughin at you cuz you don't even know the type
Another rap group that seemed to happen over night
Let's compare the trash on the shelves
And see how many consumers walk around askin themselves
Are we ever gonna get the chance to hear it again?
Or has the era forever vanished and nearing it's end?
I'm hear to testify and let the peeps know
That we'll keep on sellin piles
Rain, hell, sleet snow


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