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Stuck In Kaos – Psychological Warfare lyrics

Psychological, Warfare
It's Psychological, War-fare
Psychological Warfare
It's Psychological, Well it's...
Psycho-logi-cal War-fare

Down the path of destruction
I'm on the verge of insanity
I can feel it getting closer
Sneaking, Lurking, trying to get the best of me

Like a blood sucking leech
I can't pull away from it
I won't question my security
So get the fuck away from me!
I'll break all these chains that bind me
To Your news and your media
Pressure, Pressure
Your putting to much Pressure on Me!

It's coming
You can't help me
It's coming
Cause it's all fucking over
It's coming
You can't help me
It's coming
So you better take cover!

I was once on the path of discovery
But now I'm at the end of my own rope
And I can feel it closing in on me
Your wasting my time
And killing my pride
In a nation, a nation that will surely die
When worlds collide
And world leaders fry
Fuck your news
I'll pass
Designed to appeal to the upper class
Your putting to much pressure on me
Putting to much pressure on me

I can't take this much more
Get the hell away from me
Untie this noose from around my neck
I won't let you get the best of me

Will you help me
You can't help me
Can you reach me
When it's all over
Will you help me
You can't help me
How can you teach me
When it's all over
Can't you feel it
Unfolding all around you
Can't you see it
The eminent becoming clear
What will you do now
When all this shit don't matter anymore
How will you carry
The weight of the world
Can you help me
You can't help me
How will you teach me
When you can't even teach yourself
Just to love, not to hate, not to kill and not to rape
Mother-fucker, It's your own Warr-faarree...

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