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Steve Moakler – Cinderella lyrics

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    He's just talking about how people change. His reference to a spell resembles how the person changed fast and is now someone vaguely familiar. As if they've been put under a spell. He's reminiscing to old memories they have together thus, "summer nights they died so long ago" and how he wishes and still hopes there's a chance of getting them back. Thus the "here's to reaching for your hand". It's a sad love story about how what once was so beautiful and pure is now distraught and unrecognizable.
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    This has to be the most honest, down to earth song I have heard! Its about a guy who had met the one and she ran out on him very early on. Its always hard to say goodbye to loved ones but he feels as though she left much too soon and he didn't get to spent enough time with her. Id say this song is helping him deal with the pain, but we all love you and are glad your not top of the top of the pop charts or anything because we want your music to stay about you insted of all the crap that the record compays think the public wants and so we can keep you all to ourselves :) just keeping on singing and writing songs like this so we can fal in love with you all over again
    xx yourfanbaserep.
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