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Steve Mardon – I Think We Need To Talk (Six Words Nobody Wants To Hear) lyrics

You wake up, you're feeling good
You're the king of your whole neighborhood
Got a car, got a job, got a girl
You're on top of the world

On the highway you see a trail of smoke
Your engine starts to sputter, hiss, and choke
You pull into a station off Route 1
The mechanic takes a look and he says, son...

"I think we need to talk"
Six words nobody wants to hear
"It's gonna cost you 800 bucks
If you want to get your car back into gear"

You taxi into work by 10
Boss says, "You know you're late again"
Since day one on the job he's had his doubts
Now he grabs you by the collar and he shouts

"I think we need to talk" (I think we need to talk)
Six words nobody wants to hear
"Clear your desk, be gone by 12 o'clock"
So much for your promising career

On the way home you drop in on an old pal
Who's always there when things have gone to hell
Door's open so you knock and walk on in
And find your sweetheart loving your best friend

"I think we need to talk" (I think we need to talk)
Six words nobody wants to hear
"I know this comes as quite a shock
Now be a sport and hand me my brassiere"

I think we need to talk (I think we need to talk)
Six words nobody wants to hear
Bad news is circling like a hawk
And you know bloody well the end is near
Yeah you know darn well the end is near

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