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Stetsasonic – Miami Bass lyrics

(Pump that bass)

[ Daddy-O ]
My first taste of Miami Bass
Came on my first tour, this I gotta relate
I was at the hotel, had nothin to do
Flipped on the radio, heard the 2 Live Crew
Started dancin around, left and went downtown
Bought up some mo' shit, cause the shit was down
Then I said to myself: New York ignited the Bass
But in Miami is where they got the deepest bass
Miami Bass

(Pump that bass)

[ Fruitkwan ]
This may be hard to believe
But in Miami I ain't even wanted to leave
I seen a girl so fly, she caught my eye
With her Benzi box kickin a song, give it a try
So she rolled down her tint with a look that said 'come'
I got real close, and then the telephone rung
You couldn't say I wasn't in a serious place
Cause in Miami the girls got the deepest bass
Miami Bass

(Pump that bass)

[ Delite ]
While cooling in Miami in my fresh limo
I seen a fly girl, so I said hello
She was quite polite, so real and so nice
She asked for my name, I said my name is Delite
I said, "Now where do you go on a Saturday night?"
She said, "Downtown, I know the place that's right"
An ace for your taste, a smile for your face
Cause Miami is known for the deepest bass
Miami Bass

(Pump that bass)

[ Fruitkwan ]
Going for swim when the ocean is rugged
A six plus on my kick is how I love it
Heavy rotated, bass is waded
Radio jocks don't understand how it's rated
Want my opinion? It's all about winning
Cause I think big, and in Miami I'ma dig in
Grab me a piece of what I'll never replace
Cause I still say the girls got the deepest bass
Miami Bass

(Pump that bass)

[ Daddy-O ]
Now know that it's true, from Stetsasonic to you
That we're from New York, our allegiance is true
We're not makin a fuss, but my man, you can trust
That the bass from Miami is a serious must
So loosen up your body, let your mind be free
Forget all your worries, the drink's on me
And after a while we're gonna wiggle our waist
Cause in Miami is where they got the deepest bass
Miami Bass

(Pump that bass)

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