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Stephen Lynch – Little Tiny Moustache lyrics

You're the love of my life
But it cuts like a knife and I feel that I'm being mis-led
See I'm a little concerned for I've recently learned of the swastika tattoo on your head
And it makes you smile when you hear "Sieg-Heil"
You love the smell of a burning cross in the yard
You do goose step salutes in your Doc Martin boots, and you quoted "Mein Kampf" in our 5th anniversary card.

I think you're a nazi baby,
Are you a nazi? You might be a nazi baby...

You keep extensive files on the Nьrnberg trials, and you watch them whenever they're airing
I guess I should've known when you bought a new bone for your puppies named Gцbbles and Gцring
You showed up late to our very first date, I said "how are you" you said "white power"
Call me paranoid but I'm not overjoyed when you ask me if I want to shower... I think you're a nazi
Don't be lying baby,
Are you a nazi?
Are you anti-Zion baby?

Your every dress is monagram ss, you hold an Aryan picknick and bash
And it makes me irate when you say I look great when I wear a litle tiny moustache, Your social politics say that races don't mix, and you call it pure blood pollution And whenever I'm sad, you say it's not so bad, for every problem there's a "Final Solution"... I think you're a nazi,
Give me an answer baby.
Are you a nazi baby?
You drive a fucking kanzer baby

You say that love is blind so how could I have guessed
But then again I met you at the Wagner Fest

I know you're a nazi
And that's why I'm leavin'
I know you're a nazi
Sure as my name is Stephen, Lynch-Berg-Stein.

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