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Stat Quo – Thats Life Part 1 lyrics

That body on here man
You know me I take it with the speed
Whatever you need motherfuckers man
They got no respect for you in life
The shut gonna... Then you fly up... Better go in jail
I can't help but the kill niggas
Bunch a pussy as rapper they ain't real nigga
I try to find balance...
That's way the fans ask but all my question be the greates
I'll be like half of you...
Surreder buy the traitors ]
Someby gotta cate up somebody gotta wave 'em
That's just life how gotta all fight
Long as I keep them my health it's alright
A nigga feeling good by the life
So I return like hot dice in the...
Almost lost my mind to this rap think
Put the flame to the cush
Smoke to the brain
Since my dad die the nigga ain't bethe same
He still alove but fuck it
You all hear me man
You still alive but fuck it
You all hear me man
Now fly with this bitch on the plane
Told me your favorite rapper was Roger
I'm like that's what'ssup or we gonna fuck
But that we gonna fuck
Kind the found out she fuck all the nigga
I use to love it like all my falshing sleeping
At the end of the day you can't touch this bitches
A lot of people asking this questions
You'll be like if you know about...
Little fly was here...
If I use the... Well I forget about them
So I ask... If I don't
Which all forget about me
I can't help but the kill niggas
Bunch a pussy rap they ain't real nigga
Be for real need to my... So I promise my son
I never bitch, I never quit and never run
I can't get along with this...
Unfortunaly cuz he's young
But that's another story at the mall spinning...
Back full of... Back full of...
Money came by love you just hate when they are gone
I feel guilty like...
But how gonna by that... Fresh in the mall
Buy another glass let me think...
Driving in my... The... Won't let me sink
My nigga run into the...
And rob me... I told my nigga to slow down
But the fast life it's all my nigga know now
Sometimes just world feel forty five alone now
That's life

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