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Starset – Carnivore lyrics

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    This song is awesome. It sounds great and it has beautiful lyrics. I think that it’s about someone who’s hiding his feeling for making other people happy. Someone has control over him and he’s saying him what to do and how to behave. That’s why he’s not showing up his right behavior. But he can’t live with just fake behavior and feelings. The beast inside him grows and after some time it’ll start to show up.

    So this song is about people who are hiding their feelings just because of someone who command it to them. But their feeling has to show up once. It’s torturing and it’s terrible when you have to absolutely submit to someone and be a person which he make you.
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    I think the aforementioned is a good start, and I'll elaborate more on the first paragraph from above. I think the song refers to a person with an inner beast - 'Carnivore' - hoping that Carnivore will eat away the concept of self the person is currently portraying to be. Either the latter is forced upon the individual, it's been constructed because of fear or protection of oneself, or other. The song is the person asking the beast inside to break free of that constructed self and becoming true to oneself through Carnivore.

    However, there is the latter, where Carnivore could be someone in command, dictating the submission, and the person is submitting through the song. It's a matter of perspective whether this is abhorrent or not.
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    I think this song is definitely about depression.

    The lines:
    "Who are you to change this world?
    Silly boy! No one needs to hear
    Your words, let it go."
    represent the inner monologue in one's mind when they think poorly about themselves. They have no self esteem and feel like their words don't even matter, and they just have to let go of the idea that they can change the world.

    Then the chorus:
    "Carnivore! Carnivore!
    Won't you come digest me?
    Take away everything I am.
    Bring it to an end.
    Make me fall.
    Make me bleed.
    Go ahead and change me?
    Take away everything I am
    Everything I am"

    The person just lost the battle with depression, and just wants it to end him, because there is just no hope left for survival.

    "Never enough. Who I am is not good enough"
    Again, the negative thoughts that haunts the person's mind.

    (Overall this song is incredible, and the lyrics are meaningful)
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    I think (this song means for me) that this song is about someone who is monster inside and he is trying to hide it from others. And the chorus:
    Take away everything I am.
    Bring it to an end.
    Make me fall.
    Make me bleed.
    Go ahead and change me
    Take away everything I am
    Everything I am
    is maybe saying that he is talking to someone he likes and he want to keep them in safe from the monster inside. And he wants the person to change them, to take the monster away. But he lost control and the monster took control over him. And hurt the one he talked to and loved.
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