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Spunge – All Gone Wrong lyrics

Wanna tell a story bout a girl named sheila
Lovely lil thing but a bit of a dreamer
Shes been married for three long years
Got three children and they're all lil dears
Now she's bored with her married bliss
She goes out on the town, has a bit of this and that
Guy ment nothing, one night stand
Test turned blue, got much more on her hands

Uh-oh, it's all gone wrong and (X3)

Derek knew she worked at the supermarket
So while out on a drive decided to go and park it
Down by the river, walked to the store
Never got the courage up2 talk2 her before
But he'd been up practisin all last night
Plannin what he's gonna say
Makin sure it sounded right
As he turned the corner by the milk and orange juice
Playin tonsil hockey with the spotty guy from fresh produce

...... was a guy that fully understood
That the car that u drive is an extension of ur manhood
As u can imagine, never let her down
Entered the equation wen he drove his cadillac around
Pretty damn long pretty damn wide
2 silver lightenin bolts painted down the side
Imagine his grief, pity his pain
Both broke down one mornin and never started up again

Played the guitar in his best mates band
He knew that they'd get far
All they needed was a helping hand
When practising one evenin there was a knock at the door
Opened up to see a guy noone had ever seen before
Introduced himself as bob the talent scout
Handed them a form, told them they should fill it out
They're still practisin in fred's backroom
Owe 10 thousand quid, bailiffs will be calling soon

Wanna tell a story bout a girl named sheila
Lovely lil thing but a bit of a dreamer
Shes been married for three long ye

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