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Spoonie Gee – I'm All Shook Up lyrics

Kick it for me one time, Ted

Now that's it

I like that

(Give it up)
Just kick it


Now alright

(Give it up)
Do it

Now I'm 'bout to do my thing

Are you ready?
(Give it up)

Now my girl ain't callin, yet she ain't fallin
I went to the park with the boys and was ballin
And on the bench some other fellas was chillin
Puffin and smokin and tootin and illin
She breaks my heart and tears it all apart, it
Makes me so mad, I feel like startin
A fight, I want her bad, I need her so much
I'm in love, and I'm all shook up
She says she wants to keep me
But yet she's tryin to cheat me
Whatever I had, the girl's always tryin to beat me
I bought whatever, I checked or cashed
The truth of the matter is we just won't last
But I'll keep on trying, and this I'm not denyin
Cause I love you girl just that much, and I ain't lyin
She's my honey, my sweet butter cup
I'm in love - and I'm all shook up


(Give it up)

Now she's not a abused child, but sometimes she can be wild
She wears the best when she dress and has a Colgate smile
A sexy kinda lady, got skin just like a baby
She'll be my wife for life, no if's, no but's or maybe
Top-notch stuff, how dare you call my bluff?
She'll astound, to come down you need a cigarette to puff
She looks so good, well, all I know is she makes me
Feel so good, it's like heaven she takes me
Don't know what I'ma do, but I'ma get it done
She's got me so mad, cause she keeps me on the run
She has an attitude, she can be nice when she wanna
But you can bet your bottom-dollar this girl ain't gonna
Make me or break me, she might shake me
But all she do is just make me
Mad, she wants to boss me, and yet she cost me
But in the end she'll say that she lost me
Which is a lie, but I love her really
Like a snake, ooh, the girl is deadly
But she's my honey, my sweet buttercup
I'm in love - and I'm all shook up

I'm all shook up

(Give it up)

Now I wanna knock on wood
Cause lately she's been good
And she's been doin all the things that one day I wish she would
She gets up in the mornin, she fix my food
She walks around the house in the naughty nude
But it's too late, that girl I couldn't take
Cause I was for real, and she just was fake
But she's my honey. my sweet butter cup
I'm in love - and I'm all shook up

Oh yeah

(Give it up)
Kick it, Ted

(Give it up)
Now that's it

Ooh, feels so good
(Give it up)

(Give it up)
Yeah, I like that

Yo, change it up a little bit
Change it up a little bit


Now that's what I'm talkin 'bout

Gettin funky

(Give it up)
I'm all shook up

I'm all shook up

(Give it up)

(Give it up)

(Give it up)

(Give it up)

(Give it up)

(Give it up)
(Give it)
(Give it up)

(Give it up)

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