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Spiral Dance – The Goddess And The Weaver lyrics

Arachnea weaves and she weaves so well
She weaves a passage where the God's will fly
Athena laughs as she casts her spell
While she watches from her loom on high

Athena, Athena, Goddess born lady you're a jealous one
And Arachea knows that you are watching her
Waiting for her work to be undone
Athena, have you set the quest
Will you take the weave and will you break the weft
Or will you let this lady spin her tapestry
Of a tale untold and then set her free

Arachne, Arachnea the Goddess Athena has a quest for you
And you must weave a story of the God's that rule
In all their mystery and you must tell it true
So Arachnea's woven for seven moons
She's spun with silver thread upon an apple wood loom
And she's told the story of the God's that rule
In all their mystery and yes she's told it true

So Athena came to earth disguised as a crone
To gaze upon the tapestry this mortal woman's sewn
And in and out the fabric that was stretched across the loom
The sins and secrets of the God's were shows

Athena, Athena, Goddess born lady you're an angry one
And as you spin your spell around Arachnea
To shift her shape into a weaving one
And as Arachnea sits and weaves upon her web
She casts her mind back and she remembers when
She told the story of the God's that rule
In all their mystery and how she told it true

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