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Spice 1 & TuPac – Jealous Got Me Strapped lyrics

Spice heres go them niggas yo
Hit that shit, hit that shit
We all niggaz going down where the fuck ya all going down

Damn aint this a bitch ya all got me fucked up
On this ol' playa haten ass shit
Know what I'm sayin'?
Understand me?
When I was broke you all niggaz didn't give a fuck
If I was pissin' on myself, or shittin' off tha Bay Bridge, nigga
Now you in my mutha fuckin' mix talkin' that ol' crazy shit
That's alright 'cause I'm gonna bust a cap in that ass
Me and Pac goin' let you know about
That ol' playa haten ass shit though

Ya see these jealous mutha fuckaz
That be playin me G
Like a sucka ass nigga see
That ain't feeling me
It ain't easy
To kill a G
A mutha fuckin' playa
From tha F - A - to tha C
Back stabbers in tha mutha fuckin' place
Smilin' in my face
I got my hand on my gun
'Cause they got me on tha run
Spice mutha fucin' One
I'm for leavin' bodies numb
I'm a G mutha fucker
Can't you see
I'm a G
Rollin' deep
With my phat for-for uzi
I comes with a big phat gat
And hollow point clip
And quick
To be a soldier
By my shit
So nigga
Don't try no mo' shit
No ho shit
'Cause when I was broke
Nigga didn't give a fuck
About my statis
Now that I'm at this
I'm loced out
And livin' lavish
So fuck tha gun control
About ta bust a cap nigga
'Cause tha jealous got me strapped

Spice 1 I keep my hand on my gun 'cause they got me on the run
Tupac Jealous got me strapped
Spice 1 I keep my hand on my gun 'cause they got me on the run
Tupac Jealous got me strapped
Spice 1 I keep my hand on my gun 'cause they got me on the run
Tupac Jealous got me strapped
Spice 1 I keep my hand on my gun 'cause they got me on

Now niggaz know that tha jealous got me strapped
Stepping close to the edge
I got tha cops and tha feds on my back
And there's no way that I'm giving up
I rather bury you bitches
'Cause ain't no to marks gonna worry my riches
If I catch yo ass in traffic (humm)
You betta pull for ya pistol an open fire
Or get blasted (Booo Yahh)
I'll be damned if I drop
It don't stop
I'm boxin' mutha fuckaz with my glock
A skinny ass neva had a penny ass nigga
I figure my Mashfurd pump will show them punks who's bigger (Blah)
And even if I did fall -- I'll still ball
I'm bustin' mutha fuckers with my back against the wall
Till these jealous ass bitches kill me
I'll be thugin' like a mutha fucker
Nigga feel me
And ain't no time for mistakes
So homies watch ya back
'Cause these jealous ass tricks got me strapped
Jealous got me strapped

Homie ya know if I don't be runnin' with my strap
Then I might get blasted
Get blasted or blast
That's how I'm livin'
So I blast and blast the bastard
I can't be worried about no jail time
'Cause niggaz they tryin' ta take my head
I can't have shit if a nigga dead
So I bust back
And break the bitch niggaz off propa
With a four-four take nine a chopper
And try and decapatate a niggaz arms from with his shoulders
These jealous niggaz don't know they fuckin' around with a soldier
I don't be slippin'
So nigga don't wait for me ta fall
And if I got enough
A hallow tip will smoke? Em all, y'all
Envious niggaz prepare to fly off ya feet
'Cause I'm commin' with some mutha fuckin' heat
Playa, so keep ya aim straight
And hit a nigga on tha first shot
'Cause I'm a be tryin' ta make your mutha fuckin' heart stop
And don't be screamin' out for your family bitch
'Cause it was your choice
That we jump into this gangsta shit

Tupac Jealous got me strapped

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