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Spice 1

Ride Wit Me lyrics

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Spice 1 – Ride Wit Me lyrics

[Chorus:] 2x
Baby come and go on this jack with me
Come and do some savage thug shit with me
If I die up in this drama
Would you ride for me?
You can be like bonnie and clyde with me

Fuckin' on the hood of my benz
Robbin' some of your old boyfriends (boyfriends)
Dressed in black like twins (like twins)
You s*** I'm saggin' (saggin')
Bitch put this clip in your purse (your purse)
Cause we about to go do some dirt (dirt)
These niggas think you won't ride (won't ride)
Comin' with the element of surprise
I be hidin' in back up the trunk
Leave it half unlock so I can dump
These bitch niggas play hoe games (hoe games)
But the shit gon stop today
Cause i'ma take this ak (ak)
Stick a glock in your lingerie
And we gon handle this shit like g's, bitch (biaatch!)
You can distract 'em with your cleavage
(you know I'm sayin' hahaha)
Kick on back with spice 1 (spice 1)
Baby, you can ride shotgun (shotgun)
Little rings around your titty-nipples
While I'm puffin' on my blunt (my blunt)
Just some gangsta shit that I do (I do)
When I ride with me and you (me and you)
We alone in the middle of the night
Rubbin' my. 44 between your thighs
You ain't scared it's the thug in me
Got your lips on my neck and you're huggin' me
Tinted bulletproof window so they can't see
Just a down-ass bitch and a hard-ass g


[Verse 2:]:
Feelin' on your ass while you're bustin' out the roof
Yellin': 187 out the stolen coupe (coupe)
Baby come and go on this lick with me
Born killers like 'mickey' and 'malorie'
You in love with a fugitive
Po-po lookin' for me where I used to live
Ain't got no more jail time to give
B-a-b-a bomb first my prerogative
When I see your g-string in a hot tub
Clips and gats all around makin' hot love
And you're always down for a lil' s**, money and murder
Laids up with a reload the gun won't me to serve ya
Got you lost in a thug world
Fully loaded magazine playin' with your pearl
Crystal kinda? ? By the pool-side
Got two twin-glocks: hers and his nines
Other hoes is fakin' you're the realest
When it come to nanana you got the illest
Got a nigga hittin' switches in the king-size
Me and you get dressed and goin' hoo-ride
That's how we do it
Some haters? ?? ??
Me and my bitch got you mark-ass niggas scared
If you don't comin' with the money she gon empty lead
Leave a nigga in a hooptie with a half-head


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