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Speirosmusic – When We're Finished lyrics

It's a hard day
We're slaving away
Gotta please the boss so he gives us our pay
Clock the time card
Then out to the yard
Gotta grab the equipment and work it on hard
On arrival
Gotta load the truck
Then tie down the load so it don't run amuck
Stack the large crates
Then fasten them gates
Gotta package that freight, send it interstate


Just reminds us
To drink our beer
We'll drink our beer when we're finished in here
Just reminds us
To drink our beer
We'll drink our beer when we're finished in here

It's a Friday
There's a lot to say.
The a/c broke in the office today.
Then the lights flashed.
Computer crashed.
Couldn't use the tills, could only handle cash.
Such a large bunch
200 for lunch
I dropped the pan and my toes went crunch
Ordered large plates
They all wanted steak
Kitchenhand was crook so had to work back late


Such a large bump.
It cracked the sump.
Leaked oil, we couldn't use the concrete pump.
Did the hard way
Shovels all day
The scorching sun dried sweat and tears away
It was the last weld
The brackets held
I packed for home and then the foreman yelled
Used the wrong steel
This can't be real
The client changed his mind although we'd signed the deal

(Ch x 4)

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