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South Park Mexican – Vogues lyrics

No... This is my last--how much time we got?
Sometimes when I say something about drugs real loud you seem--haha,
Like last time it was heroin and methadone, every time I said that--hahaha

In my Hummer with a tiger, chrome on the wiper
Fired My Receptionist cause she a slow typer
Candy green Viper with the white striper
Choppin down Scott, slicer and dicer
Keep my wrist iced up just like my white cup
Ass on the tight buck bought Pop a nice truck
Bang, Spice I round my neck a phyton
Pack a four pound, 'do you wanna die' gun
Puff like a dragon, slab cdillc Broughm
Stack cash in the back of a Crack home
Wrec'em till da outro, show em' how the south go
Hoes on the down low, feed my dog Alpo
No Blues or red that's leaving fools dead
Bang gray tapes and listen to what screw Said
Tre to the Clarke, back to the South Park
Have you ever seen a nigga jus freak a Skylark?

Ride, ride, ridin on them vogues, fa sho mayne, we gon'
Crawl, crawl, crawlin on them vogues fa sho mayne,

I was a neighborhood drug dealer
Hillwood High life fuckin blood spilla
In it for the money and not much else
Picked up a pen and I struck wealth
I was travelin to different cities, differeent hoods
Sometimes in Arenas, Sometimes in the woods
Met a lot of fans that I never knew had
I get lil gifts and I give 'em to dad
He puts'em in a room with all my old trophies
Things he looks at cause he ain't got no stories
Of me growin up as a kid on Corl Street
He left to the store and now were four deep
Came back ten years later
Mom there's a man outside, is he a neighbor?
He said he lived in our house a long time ago
That's your dad, son, I guess he's back from Stop N Go

Ride, ride, ridin on them vogues, fa sho mayne, we gon'
Crawl, crawl, crawlin on them vogues fa sho mayne,

Change out the couches, doesn't buy ounces
So I had to open up seven Dope Houses
Cadillac Bounces, started makin thousands
Draped up in 3 thousands outfits
Everybody happy, laws tryin to trap me
Pissed cause I quit and started comin up rapping
Higher than some scaffolding, sipping, laughing
Stayin on my toes like them hoes that be tapping
I'm a gambler, neighborhood camper
In my jag trippin out on Zoolander
Play fastball but I move kinda slow
With some lil freaks, y'all must be from Idaho
I think I'm from Ohio, cause I'm kinda high yo
I'm a role model but I ain't gon' lie though
Killin brain cells really isn't cool
That's why I'm gon' quit in 2052l.

Yep... That's me... Blowin weed with my grandpa watchin uhh... Yo

Ride, ride, ridin on them vogues, fa sho mayne, we gon'
Crawl, crawl, crawlin on them vogues fa sho mayne

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