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South Border – Brown Hand Smash lyrics

(Stand proud / shout loud) don't stop just do the dance
We can make A difference
We're comin' out in the open Y'all
F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O (Repeat)

Let me tell you 'bout A race
That was taken for granted
We were mocked, bruised, abused, and fuckin' branded
Like my hommie jay-D who got incarcerated
That was foul son but he ain't the only one
Who lived in A world of pain, world of shame,
World of blame, we were livin in A world of games
Were you had to be strong, survival of the fittest
Where the poor didn't belong but the richest
Now we gotta change that, we got A plan
We gotta do our thing, man, the best that we can
No time for bullshit, no time for games
South border is here in opm's name.
Who said filipinos can't do this, what?
Who said filipinos can't do that, damn!
C'mon Y'all let's show them what we got
Pinoys, stand up and stand proud
(Repeat Chorus)

Hold up, hold up, I got A silence comin' on
But that won't last for very long
'cause we won't stop, and we won't quit
South border's been around for 10 years
And still kickin' it.
I feel the air blowing, winds of change
Our band has been twice, re-Arranged
Twice the pain, twice the shame, twice the blame
We never lost faith coz we're still the same
Now we're back and we're stronger,
Learned A lot of lessons from our two past brothers,
Now we got new players duncan and vince,
I don't call this coincidence.
It's not all about the fame,
It's how you play the game.
There'll be times when the going gets tough,
But south border will remain as solid as A rock.

(We're comin' straight at 'cha from the jd factory)
We are comin' straight right at 'cha now
(What you make me feel everything is oh so real)
(We can make it happen no doubt)
We are comin' straight right at 'cha now
(Can you feel it baby, can you feel it 2X)
We are comin' straight right at 'cha now
(Don't ever hold back, just let it flow)
(Baby what you make me feel everything is oh so real)
We are comin' straight right at 'cha now
(So this is our shout out to all our brown skin brothers)
We said it once and we'll say it again,
South border is here in opm's name.
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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