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Souls Of Mischief – Acupuncture lyrics

[chorus: tajai]
Touched insane deranged and such
But my mind still thinks in the clutch
You run up you get, touched
Molested marauded messed with
I'm charged with electric current
And burn'em so don't, touch
Gimme room to bloom or boom impending doom
Thoughts consume man I got that
Touched panache pizzaz
A feel for the real
Skill and lots of that
So I just build now

While you throwin' punchlines
I'm bustin' hot ones with rhymes (blow!)
Acupuncture smackin' damn nerds like heroine
Swimmin' with sharks I'm off the (fairline? ) islands
They sense blood in they gills but a nigga will survive man
Automatic darts hypnotic talk
Alive and aware come prepared to collide you'se a dead man walkin'
And I'm the executioner connivin' like lex luthor
What they shootin' for?

Man, I make these corny rappers respire
Break'em for their dapper atire
Then throw that ass in the fire
And ain't no use in askin' me why
Fuck you! that's my reply
Step back from the mike
Or I'm snatchin' your lives, right

Niggas be actin' like
They be rappin' tight, but they lost
Like in the black of night
Soon to be my sacrifice
Better be wary of the legendary
'cause your spot at the cemetery isn't temporary
Have you shook up like kids who mention carrie
Or bloody mary if you rappin' near me
Positively somethin' gon' happen really
I ain't got no back up in me
I stay managed
Wether you chill or pack a semi
You can't manage

[phesto dee]
We gargantuan killa tarantulas
Touch the inchangeable, viagra flow, raw
Stronger then niagra falls
Max julien backhand mcs and grab my balls
Hit'em with the black squad and crack your jaw

Now I'm a chastise you rap guys
With wack lies
Soundin' like you doin' smack lines
Claimin' it's your last time
We start a riot like jamaicans over gas prices
That's why the mass like us
We them grass lighters

Niggas think I got punched by rudduck
In the stomach the way I bust from the gut & get
G's by the hundred but
That don't matter (fool)
Cause niggas get millions
For shit I ain't feelin'
And that's why I'm building

Absolutely, I be rappin' smoothly
If she actin' too keyed
I'm a snatch a groupie
Roll a phattie and have niggas sayin' that's a doozy (daaam boy!)
And bring it to niggas who front like it's a action movie

Futuristic like appleseed
Musical masterpiece
Freeze rappers like a tractor beam
Yeah, major league data swing
On the track queen rap sting
Who blasting
We pure to the last gene

Weapon testin' with my 308 special
Runnin' up in your residences
Runnin' busters for their presidentials
In my sights I won't miss you
Once you gone I won't miss you
Livest nigga be a dead issue
Your flesh is just tissue for my talented talents to rip through
Physical enslaved to my imbalanced mental
My confidence is not confidential
So show deference for my skills diferential

[phesto dee]
Yeah I suffocate featherweight mc's never resucitate
Decimated easily as my voice fluctuated sentence structure
This critical juncture for you youngstas
Laser sharp hack ya, cut ya, acupuncture
Play my clutch midas touch press the gas and light the dutch up
My candy gloss touch ya
Eurethane is such a
Blood rushin' display of luxury and immerse ya
Submerge ya beyond the verge of word perfection

Yo these niggas out a pocket I cold
Cock'em and cock at their nose
Stopping their comment just for haulin' that garbage
My flow, shockin' and suckers with no
Stoppin' a racket
If you fi'n to talk about it
Be about it or get rowdy

[phesto dee]
I spit that
Liquid detergent
Game like george gervin
Ice water
Under pressure operate like julius erving
The surgeon, hovercraft percusion
With spontaneous combustion
Highly flammable magma through the mouth

[chorus: tajai]x2
I am
Touched, unsane, deranged and such
But my mind still clicks in the clutch
You run up you get, touched
Molested marauded messed with
I'm charged with electric current
And burn 'em so don't, touch
Gimme room to bloom or boom impending doom
Thoughts consume man I got that
Touch, a feel for the real panache, pizzaz
Skill and lots of that
So I just build now

[a-plus: talking]
Get touched
I'm a touch you
For real
Think I'm playin'
All these fingers
'll fuck you up
That's real

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