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Soulja Boy – Three Times lyrics

Bossed up, bitch I'm back at it
One mill one day I know my mathematics
Young soulja boy my whole life is fantastic
Rap game face similar to that down plastic
I'ma switch lane with 2 chains, like 2 chains
Shout out to all my niggas reppin that new gang
Ocean gang sod till they kill me
Middle finger to them bitches who don't feel me

Young ass beezy, I made that shit look easy
Tell them bitches... that pussy wet when they see me
I'm on tv,... it's that new mixtape,
Tell them haters fix their face
Young ass beezy, I made that shit look easy
Tell them bitches... that pussy wet when they see me
I'm on tv,... it's that new mixtape,
Tell them haters fix their face

Let's chop it up, let's get down to the bizness
Real shit, I'm a savage, I don't leave no witness
I'ma keep this shit one million, yep like 100 million
I'ma stack my cake so high, that shit gonna touch the ceiling
Siding on my ceilings high because I'm in the mansion
20 million cash I drop that bitch next to the hamptons
Tell them folks to check my history,
It's a mystery that AK leave you history
I pack a bitch in about 60 deep
20 goons may 60 creeps hit 60 licks in one week
Straight up nigga real talk
I get cash with the fuck you thought
Lil drey from the west side, niggas know that's the best side
Talking down on the zone one the Ak ima let it slide hop out the jet black cadiliac 4 deep
Pussy niggas don't know me, I chop down the oz, I break it down and pass around
Riding through my fucking town
Bitch you know it's going down
When I'm high I'm going up 40 on that hummer truck I grab tha lean and pour it up
... I grab a... and pull it up
Pussy nigger talking shit
Nigger I ain't even gotta talk
Sod is what I bought, sod is what I brought
Man I'll fucking kill them
... niggers don't fucking feel it
Sod I'm reminiscent, about the old days and my old ways
In a new jig I know they mad, a hundred mill made the passing
Got too many cash in my little pocket
In my right pocket got a pistol though
Talking shit,... bitch, I'm a let it go...
Yeah we in this bitch, swag on a hundred
Standing on the couch, everybody's getting blunted
America's most wanted, it's an honor to be here
I don't have no opponents, get them out of here
Don't compare me to no lames, bitch I make it rain
Nine... wars on my fucking chain
Soulja Boy I tell them yo I'm standing out of my brain
Never give a fuck like I'm...
Young drey bizz yeah I know that you heard of me
... put me on tv, put wherever you want to
I'ma still look like a prophet,... nigger stop it
... doing a sold out concert in Belfast,
Warning I'm hot, I'm scorching...
I know it, a billion

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