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Soulja Boy – Shawty Want A Xanex lyrics

Back pack, snap back
No fitted, I'ma go in
Yeah it's soulja boy we got that top ten
And I got that mac ten
Shout out to my bro sam
Yeah you know that we 2 kings
And you know that we go ham
Yellow diamonds like pay man, LV luggage like it's business
Keep on talking all that shit
But your opinion I recommended
It's dre, okay, and I do my thang in the streets
Yes I do my thing on the beats and tell these niggas that I'm gone beef
Let the birds fly and the preachers preach
Word around time I'm lil meech
28 birds in a pigeon coop and I take 28 ounces and pour a deuce
I bought a watch and my wrist hurt, I'm in the kitchen my wrist work
They locked up my homies that shit hurt

Nigga it's the pretty boy please say the swag
Oh yeah we did, oh yeah we did
Shawty wanna zan, shawty shawty wanna xanax
Shawty wanna zan, shawty shawty wanna xanax

It's The pretty boy please say the swag
Oh yeah we did, oh yeah we did
Shawty wanna zan, shawty shawty wanna xanax
Shawty wanna zan, shawty shawty wanna xanax]

Girl please show me something new cause I swear that I be arrested for
That area is so familiar, I swear we done that before
So many people got shit to say
Get the fuck up out my way
Soulja boy aka lil dre in the streets all motherfucking day
On the grind so low you can see these streets nigga talk shit but he want
No beef
Heard these opinions are running like olympics
These nigga really don't know shit about me
I just wanna go and live my life
I just really wanna rock my ice
I don't really believe in time
So I'm living out of my mind
Coming money all the time
SOD the corporation
Niggas start to hate that's fine
But I'm still going to rep my nation
It started as a dream, now I'm a fucking king
Now all them girl scream, now I'ma do my thing


Hopped out looking so damn clean
2012 bentley on the murder scene
Tell all of my folks I'm a damn king
Double cup shawty and that juice shawty.
Shawty say that she wanna zan
Shawty say she forgot her man
I'm in the club doing all my dance
100 mil in my right hand
Turn up to that
Double cup pull me up now I'm moving slow
Soulja boy talking over the globe
Sod we all day check check out all our clothes
To the maximum, new album new drink going platinum
Swag up swag up to the maximum
Turned up, turned up, turned up

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