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Soulja Boy – Bust A Move lyrics

(feat. Scoop 50 & Mad T)

Bust a motha fuckin move nigga(do somethin nigga) bust a move [x8]

You talkin all this shit but scared to bust a move. Betta get your weight up and come get with da group. Ain't no playin pussy nigga I already got some beef. When I pull up to da park betta be strapped with your heat. I don't want you in public I want you in da fuckin street if you want to squash this shit bitch you betta come to me. So when I come I'm comin with my niggas in ky if. Ya'll niggas got dem pistals get ready you gonna die.

Bust a motha fuckin move nigga(do somethin nigga) bust a move [x8]

It be like inny minny miney moe hanngin with dem niggas get you motha fuckin choked. Upside down near hit da fuckin ground. I'm a show you how a real nigga get down. You talkin all this shit bout what you goina do. Nigga you betta go get your whole crew. You must think I'm scared of you. A dame fool is what you be. We get drunk off dat jenna henizy

This for da nigga thinkin they hard. Nigga don't want it runnin up on it soulja boy gone with your motha fuckin car. Bust a fuckin move if you thinkin you bad. If you runnin on dat wrong ull get flip on your ass. Reall ass killa who ain't got shit soulja boy nigga I'm da leader of this shit

Bust a motha fuckin move nigga(do somethin nigga) bust a move [x8]

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