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Sophia Fresh – Superbad lyrics

I'm superbad!
They want some of my Mclovin.
I'm superbad!
People pushin and a shoving!

Verse 1:

Superbad shawty hoppin out a blue chevy,
The party don't start till I get there!
Pull up in the driveway I hope you ready!
Shall I proceed? Yes, indeed

I'ma work my body don't hurt nobody.
Step up in the spot I'ma shut down the party.
And it ain't gon be over till me and my gyrls leave
I know you wanna piece of me
Boy you betta just look...

Pre hook:

Look don't touch! I promise ya it's too much! (Twice)


2nd verse:

Ok! I'ma work my body for an hour and a half
Sweat drippin on me
Shawty and her click from across the club
Set trippin on me

Shawty you can hate
But you won't sayin nothin
Mad cuz I come up in the parkin lot stuntin
Got all my girls and we straight head huntin
I know she want a piece of me, but she better just look...


Tell me what it is
What it a ain't
Superbad shawty hard in da paaain't
John Woo slow mo
Step up in da room like
(Woo woo wooo woo daaaaaaammmmmnnnnnn!)
I'm feelin myself
Suicide in da mirror
I'm killin myself
Stabbin that right
But I'm killin dat left
You should march to this part
Cole Rose, Sophia Fresh!

Pre hook


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