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Sonny Boy Williamson I – Low Down Ways lyrics

Low Down Ways Track 14 3:10
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Recorded: December 17, 1938 - Aurora, Illinois- Leland Hotel
Album: The Bluebird Recordings 1938 RCA #66796
With Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman) - piano
Probably Willie Hacher - mandolin and Robert Lee McCoy - gtr

Now listen here, baby
Do you think I'm gonna be yo' fool?
Do what you think, baby
You want Sonny Boy, to be yo' mule?
A-ev'rytime I meet you, baby
Walkin' up an down the street
You walk by me, smilin'
Act like you don't wanna speak

But I, Iittle girl
I've got tired of your low down, dirty ways
Well, now drinkin' whiskey an runnin' round
Little girl, that's all you crave

Well now, an I give you my money, baby
N' you left me cold in hand
You took my money, an you know you
Started to raisin' sand
You start to hittin' in bootleggers
Drivin' 'em ev'ry whiskey hide she knows it
Ridin' up an down the street
An you know with Mr. So and So

But little girl
I'm tired of yo' low down, dirty ways
Well now, drinkin' whiskey an runnin' around
I just declare that's all you crave

Well now, I was gonna by you a Packard, baby
I was gonna by you a *Packard 2
I was gonna by you a Cadillac, you know
Just to try an get along wit'ch you
I was goin' down to the jewelry sto'
An I was gonna buy you diamonds ring
But now you won't treat me nice
An I ain't gonna buy you a doggone thing

But little girl
I'm tired of yo' low down, dirty way
Well now, drinkin' whiskey an runnin' around
I just declare that's all you crave

(harmonica & instrumental)

Well now-a my mother told me one thing
You know my father sayed the same
You runnin' around with this little girl
Sonny, that's gonna change yo' name
But I won't pay 'em no mind
A-I'll continue to drink
I don't never said I want change
You know an just sit and think

But I've got tired
Of this little girl's low down, dirty ways
Now an when I leave her this time
I swear I'm gonna away 'n stay.


*Packard - 2 was a 4 door sedan.

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