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Song Ji Eun

Going Crazy lyrics

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Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy lyrics

[Ji Eun]
Sarangi anya igeon sarangi anya
Neoui jibchagil ppuniya
Eodi itdeunji naega mueol hadeunji
Museowo nareul baraboneun neo

[Yong Guk]
Neoui geurimjareul ddara barbda nan jeonhwareul georeo
Ne ddeollineun sumsorie jjarithaejyeo beoryeo
Ppallajineun ne balgeoreum ddara dwineun nae simjang
Michil getman gata eoduwojineun ginbam
Neoui jib apbul kkeojin garodeung miteseo
Neorul bonda ne bangchangmun teumeseo
Bami kkeutnal ddaekkaji nal chajabwa eoseo
Nawa sum maghineun sumbakkokjireul gyesoghae

Neon neon neon neon jeoldae naegeseo ddareojil su eobseo

[Ji Eun]
Michin geoni wae geureoni
Ije geuman najom naebeoryeodwo
Nega boyeo sumi maghyeo
Nae nunapeseo kom sarajueojwo

[Yong Guk]
Neon nal jeoldae beoseonal su eobseo
Neon nal sarang halsubakke eobseo

Domangcyeobwa nega eodie itdeunji (I don't wanna see you)
Nan bolsu isseuni neol alji gipsugi
Neon nal jeoldae boeseonal su eobseo
Neon nal sarang halsubakke eobseo
Ije nal bwa I Don't Wanna Cry No More more (I Don't Wanna Cry No More more)

[Ji Eun]
Sarajyeo beoryeo geuman jom kkeojyeo beoryeo
Jeongmal sumdo motwigesseo
Eodil gadeunji naega eodi itdeunji
Museowo nareul ddaraoneun neo

[Yong Guk]
Subaeg beonigo suman beonigo jeonhwareul georeotneunde
Wae wae neon daedabi eobseo
Ijeonni uri mannan ji beolsseo cheoniri dwaesseo
Nega johahaneun seonmureul junbihaesseo
Nega jaju ganeun georie anja
Neol gidarigo isseo nae sarangeul ara
Jibchagira marhaji ma sarangeul molla neon
Michyeotdago marhaji ma nae mameul molla neon
Neon neon neon neon jeoldae naegeseo ddeorojil su eobseo

[Ji Eun]
Michin geoni wae geureoni
Ije geuman najom naebeoryeodwo
Nega boyeo sumi maghyeo
Nae nunapeseo jom sarajyeojwo

[Yong Guk]
Neodo nal wonhajanha nareul saranghajanha
Nareul domangchijima

[Ji Eun]
Heotsori jom jibechiwo jeongsin charyeo geumanjom hae
Ije nareul nohajwo

Igeon anya sarangi aniya(aniya~)
Naege sangcheoppuniya ireojima (neo ireojima~)
Neol sarang haetjiman ijeneun aniya
Neoui gieogeseo nal ijeojwo

I don't wanna cry no more more.

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  • u
    When you read the english lyrics, you'd think it's about a psychotic stalker who's so obsessed with a girl, but no. It's about a guy who's going crazy because he still loves the girl and about a girl who's going crazy also because she wants to forget the guy already but he keeps coming back. They were once in a relationship for 3 years (1000 days), but, you know, in some other reason, they just broke up like that. Who wouldn't go crazy when you broke up with your long-term girlfriend like that? I mean, that's deep.
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  • u
    No guys. If your dunno, don't mislead other people. Jieun is singing the guys part which is played by himchan(bap) and yongguk is rapping the girls part. The girl is obsessed with the guy that's why she kidnap him in the mv. There's one part he rap" your shaky breath excites me" which leads to how himchan is shaking in fear in the car bunk. Scary but great song:) yongguk.
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