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Snoop Dogg

A B**** I Knew [Clean] lyrics

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Snoop Dogg – A B**** I Knew [Clean] lyrics

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

*** As I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy
As I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy
As I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy

It all goes back to '85
When I start gettin' *** every day of my life
It really didn't matter what the *** look like
I remember one night after the Sugar Ray fight

Wouldn't you believe it? Dog like a Retriever
I went up in this big fat *** named Trina
She had a best friend wit *** named Vanessa
She told me to undress her, yes sir

Ain't no pressure, later that semester
She put me down wit her homegirl named Tanisha
She was so vicious, lips so luscious
Suck a *** and have it shinin' like some dishes

Patricia, Patricia, she love the way I stick her
I take her to the movies and now she even ***
Big bucks, no whammies
I had to meet this white ***, her name was Tammy

She lived in the Valley, she couldn't understand me
But she let me dig out her homegirl named Brandy
Now Brandy was a cute lil' thick ***
She moved to the hood from the 206

She brought some new tricks, flippin' them squirrels in the pearls
And turnin' out the neighborhood loose girls
And I seen that, so I beat the yam
So put her down, bottom *** on my team

And we began makin', breakin' *** taken
Whatever we won't see, she was upto fakin'
It's real in the field, no mistakin'
And cracked a lil' ***, yeah, she Jamaican

Time and time again, she would bring me ***
And let me beat it up listenin' to 'One Love'
Off some jerk chicken, I got mo' ***
Now I'm *** her sister, it's gettin' real suspicious

But the *** is good, so they won't tell
And now their next door neighbor, Clarissa Belle
She been lookin' at me, I think she wanna hit
But I'ma holla back because I'm on another ***

I'm on some other ***, I got a phone call
From the mothaf*** President, y'all
He said, “Snoop Dogg, how could I *** a ***
And make her suck a *** and not get caught for the *** of it?”

I told him, “Look, here this is what you do
Make that First Lady sell a lil' *** for you”
I think he got it 'cause he left fast
He left his daughters and a lotta cash

Well, what do you know? D O double G
Major pimpin' out in D.C.
And I'm a young pimp, got a lotta growin' left
And you'se a young *** wit a lotta ***

Always keep a *** in check, blowin' out her train wreck
Yeah, I might have to go adapt
See every little *** I meet
The stand outs, you know, the ones like Yvette

We *** in the car, behind the bar
I shot it in her face and it went ahh
My homeboy Charles went up in her sister
Behind the garage

I was nasty, I was freaky, I was sick
When y'all was tryin' to ***, I was teachin' her to suck ***
Always tryin' to go up in a ***
Got caught tryin' to *** at school, they asked me what I did it fo'

You know just what I told 'em
I love *** and this *** is what I showed 'em
And now they threw me out, now I'm at the pad
I'm at a new school, way cool

New ***, new script, fresh fish
Walk up in the dorm and I bust a new ***
I'm in some new tail, when I holla back
But for now, let me holla back and holla black

She's a twelfth grader in my Science class
And I done seen her ***, yeah, boy, movin' fast
See I was taught by and I was called I
Betta move on somethin' fast if I thought I

Could claim a dame or game a brain
Or tame a maim not wit the same old game
See on some different stuff, I'm a different cut
It's what I say and do that make the *** give it up

Oh, you wanna brag? I wanna brag to
And what you gonna do when they ask you?
Is you gon' tell a lie or you gon' keep it G?
Or you gon' hold it all inside and you gon' tell on me?

It's all cool 'cause it was all good
It's just another day in Doggy Dogg's neighborhood
You better watch your girl 'cause if she's on the loose
It's a 90 percent chance that she goin' to get pimp juiced
Now what it do, what it is?
Now you livin' wit dat *** and y'all got 4 kids

*** will be *** as I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy
*** will be *** as I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy
*** will be *** as I smash in the Chevy
It's gettin', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda heavy

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