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Smokie Norful – I Understand lyrics

Sometimes I feel like giving up
It seems like my best just ain't good enough
Lord if you hear me, I'm calling you
Do you see, do you care all about what I'm going through
And then he says, one more day, one more step
See I'm preparing you for myself
And when you can't hear my voice, please trust my plan
I'm the Lord, I see and yes I understand

But sometimes I feel like I'm all alone
I'm just like a stranger so far from home
I feel like I've done all that I can do
Please Lord give me strength, I'm just trying to make it through
That's when he told me one more day, one more step
See I'm preparing you for myself
And if you can't hear my voice, please trust my plan
I'm the Lord I see you and yes I understand

He knows how much we can bear
And in the time of trouble he promised he would always be there
I understand
The Lord is telling you yes I understand
I am the Lord I see you and yes I understand

I am the Lord I changeth not
I won't forget nor have I forgot
You see every thing works according to my plan
I am God, trust me, I got the whole world in my hand

One more day, one more step
I'm preparing you all for myself
And you can't hear me speaking, just trust my plan
I'm the Lord I see you and yes I understand
I'm the Lord I see and yes I understand
I am the Lord I see what you're going through
Every problem, every trial, every burden, every situation
I understand, I won't leave you
I understand, understand, understand

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    It doesn't matter how many days go by, how much time goes by, Lord you see me, and you have not left my side, just be patient cause the Lord is just preparing me for when he takes over me completely, preparing for what to come of me, preparing me for a new me, with a whole new outlook on life and my purpose for being here on earth. Thank you for this wonderful maningful song, it helps me to feel good about myself.
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    It's when we (you) have to trust and believe in God timing. He may not come when we want Him but He will there on time. In our darkers hour he hears us. The nights we cry out He hears us He see the tears. It's up to us to be patient faithful and continue to serve Him even when we don't hear Him. Hebrew 11:1 tells us that "Faith is the confidence that ehat we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." So the purpose for this song reminds us that we have to keep pushing and kee striving even when we don't hear God's voice.
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    I understand means to me that when you feel alone and that god has abandoned you that it's all part of his plan and that he has not forgotten you and whatever you're going through is for a reason a good reason and that its all for you to fall on and trust in god jesus our savior. That he loves you with a love that is undeniable and unchangeable.
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    What every man can't do the Lord can that's why we gotta be patient even when we feel like we are at our weakest point in life the Lord is preparing us to make this our strongest. I am a living test testimony & witness that God is who he say he is and what every he said he will do, and we gotta remember he's an on time God he may night come when we want him but he will be there right on time and he will never can no more than we can bear trust & believe in the Lord no matter what you are going through. God Bless.
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