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Slutbox – Sum Of Sin lyrics

Burning crosses on the steeple make non believers of the people
Appoint the surrogate son to power then stir the dirt to kill the flower
Tedious malignant games (snap) all your prayers go up in flames
Searching for the sound of heaven the sum of sin adds up to seven

Closedmindedness breeds ignorance
I'm living for the experience
Hate what I stand for not what I'll be
The rotten apple never falls far from the tree

Open the doors and close the mind personal beliefs undermined
Confession bootes and cheap wine a drunken clergy man divine
Black mass white mass blinding faith crossword crosses seal my fate
Poisoning the holy water with jihad tactic holy slaughter

On a throne I'm the king - on a throne made of apathy I sing
The praises of the shunned and dead with poems dancing in my head
In my dreams I'm the king except for all the things I've seen
Shattered lives and broken dreams should make me smile or at least it seems (that)

Here's your church - here's your steeple - open the doors - but where's all of the people

Rotting crosses on the floor nothings left to pay the whore
Can't you taste all the lore watching at the broken door
Watching as the windows break nothings left to block the light
You cannot taste this lying tongue because the fucking words are numb

Robbing crosses ebb the flow - bible studies I recall
All the crosses on their face - all the abcessed salivate
All the axes on the floor - on the altars dead people

(Praise him)

Laughing as your crosses burn

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