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Slum Village – The World Is Yours lyrics

Today, the usual, concrete’s strong
Where my niggas getting ...
Still ain’t ... Like today
The usual, the concrete’s strong
If you tough you get it going
You in the way of going
Sometimes it’s like a jungle when this concrete stronger
When I never be ... Still employed
So my money on stock, when I do it how I do it
It’s fucked up, thinking that you gotta do this
Still on the grind, coppin the load
I got a lot of shit on my mind, still ain’t scoofin
I go in, I’m on the grind
Cause I gotta get the dough
Got a lot of shit on my mind
I gotta go do this
Do it all, your money, still ball in the hood
Stay sharp like the dark, niggas never wanna fight
Speak yeah, my people bout winning from the beginning
... I know the world is mine

Who’s world is this?
The world is yours
Lighters up, round of applause
Who’s word is this?
The world is yours, the world is yours
The world is yours, the world is yours
The world is yours, the world is yours

Rest in peace my nigga, yo forever my heart
All in my thoughts
Forever my brother, never forgot
No love’s lost
It’s the anything you game
Since you left
Things definitely changed
Me and that other guy, we don’t even speak these days
Remember lady t, she ain’t around like she used to be
Situations switched, flames that burnt eventually
Mine just flickered, last 2 days it’s been a year
I did wrong, I abused my liver
Pushed to myself, like ... I hear nigga
Oh, I had a convo with god, he said keep it going
He said shit is for sides, so I did it
Even when they said slum was finished
Unappologetic, I did it for you nigga
For real niggas like you and I
They don’t appreciate a nigga till I’m in the sky
I try to explani, I’m tryina keep the legacy alive
So I switched to jody slum it’s like a whole another vibe
Time for some action,
Time, time, time, for some action
Time, time, time, for some action
Time, time, time, for some action
Time, time, time, for some action

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