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Slipknot – Wait And Bleed lyrics

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  • u
    I just had a dream where they were in it, just randomly at the end, standing in the corner with Freddy Kruger. It was freaky, just staring at me. I looked up them and dream memories and it led me here and it makes sense. It scares me how much it makes sense.
    I've never listened to their music before but have considered it. Тow I think I will starting with this song. In my dream I was stabbing myself repeatedly in just my right hand while they watched with Freddy Kruger. There were no looks of "Stop!" or "Hold on I'll come help you!" Instead it was a sad, understanding look of "I know why you are even though you don't." I've never cut in real life before but have considered it, recently, and then this dream and song now, it's almost like a message. Someone understands and is telling don't do it. "Listen to the music instead and feel your not alone. Cry if you need, lock yourself inside your room and fake sleep a couple hours, but don't you dare raise that razor to your perfect, untouched skin."
    I've never heard of this song before, but I'm definitely going to listen to it now and I can tell I'm going to be a fan already. The band saved me in a dream and in real life. How is that possible?
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  • Mustakrakish
    Hellz yeah slipknot will never fail! They always do an amazing job with each piece of music, in fact, music shouldn't even be the word used. It should be "Slipknot Kicking Ass Again" or something like that.
    Anyways I'm pretty sure we already know how kick-a* slipknot are,
    so I was thinkin that this song could be about someone who is bleeding heavily but doesn't do shiz about it cus they think they are in a dream. I dunno feel free to correct.
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  • h
    I think this song is about someone who was just pushed too far and ended up killing whoever it was that sent him over the edge. "I feel the hate rise up in me...kneel down and clear the stone of leaves..." That says he killed them and is now visiting their grave. Maybe he regrets it? But I also like the idea of the suicidal kid in the tub with the slit wrist.
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