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Slim Thug – Smell Good lyrics

Dugga' hi, tricky on the beat man.
I mean if somebody want a girl that look good, smell good
He gotta swag all the way to... Man, wear the newest... Man,
You know what I'm saying? Just do something to a,... Real tough
Hey pretty lady what's good? I wanna take you home and show you how I fit y
Cause girl you're so s***, you gotta play your thing,
And if you wake up next to me, I think I'm still dreaming
Fine thigh with... Spit sway, rear bottom zone, supersize Louie-Bay
The way she walked her haws at the mall you think it's a runway
I gotta have you by my side one day
She's pretty like Beyonce, fine as Ashante, fuck her girlfriend now I make
Her my fiancй
Shout what you want, smell better than roses
If I am to love my eyes and my nose is

There's pressure and beyond... Bottom
I'm a fly by she never so come I can't tell
All I want is to smell good
All I know is you smell good, yeah

I wanna make you my woman, we can be a pair
I'm an O. J. Baby make me wanna be a square
We can fly around the world, I take you anywhere
I'm staging with my... Baby, make me wanna share
I take the shop and keep you fly like weed
Shouting like a chanel, I'm in a Louie V.
S*** leather Louie V's, that come on to your knees
A pair fuck me... Pretty lady please
See girl it's nothing, I told you I ain't bluffing
I shout at them them girl but with you I'm coughing
Cause girl you're so bad I won't leave you in the club
I'm thinking long term you can be my mister

There's pressure and beyond... Bottom
I'm a fly by chanel I'm so gone I can't tell
All I know is you smell good, she smells good [x2]

Baby your aroma got me hooked on ya
I took a... Of you and it put me in the coma
A pause 4 minutes like words, smelling is good making me wanna lust
Took a look back like damn she's fine
After I seen her face, I had to make a mind
... Un- appreciated,... To a down
The way she dresses smells like ever two times
... Kill, all I wanna do is heal
It's only right if you ever see a guinea bar cell
Shouting so bad I might need to share my will
Got me thinking like fly, she's medicine for my heal

There's pressure and beyond... Bottom
I'm a fly by chanel I'm so gone I can't tell
All I know is you smell good, she smells good [x2]

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