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Skrillex – Summit lyrics

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    This song is referring to the information hidden beneath the foot of the sphinx. The aliens want us to recall that they were the ones that cared after all. Which we will discover in egypt.
    This plays a part with the coming convergence of the singularity that we will all go through as one. We will discover the truth about the god particle at cern, which is in me and also with you. We will also become intimately connected through the internet and cloud computing. Then the second coming of jesus he will come through the "clouds". Also notice the use of "tablets" that people are using.
    Now back to the song and the "recall" which is subindicative of total recall the movie with arnold schwartzenager (who is involved with a "recall" election in cali). This movie is about going to mars and again the idea the we are martians/aliens after all. This movie is being released as a remake this year 2012 in august the same time a space shuttle arrives at mars.
    Guess what? I am you who wrote this song and you who wrote this meaning to help wake myself up to the truth. You think you just randomly stumble upon rare stuff like this. Destiny brought you here for a reason. You have another piece to this puzzle just gotta find where it fits.
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    I always want to runway from everything in life, but this song always makes me realize I can't, I must stand my ground, middle school is hardcore, if you are reading this your probebly are like this kid doesn't know what he is talking about, trust me I know what it feels like to suffer, I've had a girlfriend. My parents made me stay away from her cuz I wasn't allowed to date. I feel like I need her in my life I would literally die for her, but then again as I am typing this I realize I don't want this life style, so you know what I'm gunman do? Imma go get my dj system that I put my blood sweat and tears into to buy and inman go find my way in life. If I get to be a famous dj somday I'm gunna show this to my fans-thanks skrillex/soney.
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