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Sidesplittaz – Been Around lyrics

Sidesplittaz will kill and up to tha beats
I'm sticky and gooey like Rice Krispie Treats
'cause I scream and I yell but still got a voice
When it comes to a lover I'm tha obvious choice
I never stop tha show I just yell and rock harder
I'm the fattest fuck around like my homie Nell Carter
You know me, 'cause I'm in a band uh huh, yeah
Pass tha mike to tha three to tha four
I'm the nigga in black who's on tha dance floor
We don't want any shit that you're trying to sell us
When ya see me dance, I can see you're jealous
'cause I'm blacker than black and that's a fact
Me and Keith are tha nuts in tha sac
When I bust up tha rhymes and I fuck up tha stanzas
I said who's tha boss?
Sure as hell ain't Tony Danza!
'cause ya know I've been around, been around
Yeah, know I've been around, been around
'cause my band is tight and we can fight
And maybe I might need a cigarette light
'cause I want to smoke yo ass
Throw it in tha trash and I step on tha gas
'cause I'm tha savior, your messiah
Wanted dead alive 'cause I'm Jesus Christ's sire
So believe in me and I weill set you straight
Sidesplittaz salvation before it's too late
I like what I do
And I like women too
I know you want to be in my video
But you can't be in my video
'cause I'm too black to kill and I'm too hard to miss
I'm down Fifth Ave with tha Butterfly Kiss
I've been around all through the town and you're going down, bitch
'cause you know I've been around, been around
Yeah, know I've been around, been around

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