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Shyheim – Move It Over Here lyrics

F/ Pop Da Brown Hornet

That's a big bad motherfucka comin your way

[Intro: Shyheim (Pop Da Brown Hornet)]
One two one two one two one two
(Hey yo Shyheim wassup baby
There be a lot of shorties out here rockin the mic
For like one or two singles but they don't keep comin at em baby
You got to come non-stop like consecutive blows to the head dome
Gotta keep em movin non-stop, gotta keep em movin, that's all I got to tell
Just keep em movin)

Hey yo what's goin on
Nowadays brothers keep testin me
Tryin to get me open and take out the best of me
They pull up rough, get snuffed, and then bust
When I kick that old underground funk stuff
That's comin atcha, better run from the rapture
Before I gat'cha I'm buckin shots atcha
Buck-buck-buck means you punks better duck
Kid you're outta luck, try to flip you get stuck
By the Wu-Tang sword, oh lord you shoulda bucked south
I'm spittin out on brothers straight from my mouth
You just been ripped now watch your blood drip
Right down your lip and then I'm ghost in my whip
Take a sip I'm the candyman, I got sweets
For all the sweet MCs that fake funk in the streets

[Sample] (Pop Da Brown Hornet)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo keep em movin Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Gots to keep em movin baby)
Gotta move it over here
(Non-stop, non-stop like this)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo I said I wasn't gonna say no more but I got a little bit more to say)
Gotta move it over here
(Shyheim you gotta keep em movin baby gotta keep em movin)
Gotta move it over here
(They can't fuck with you)

Up comes a shorty, sneaky one
Armed with the loaded gun, shit's on lock til I'm done
Bad little bastard I'm a rugged child classic
How could you ask it when you know that I rips it
Check how the Shy flips his tongue like a pro
Fifteen years old with nuff skills to flow
Props, damn right kid, you know I got lots
If rockin hip-hop was a crime call the cops
Become a wanted man who was forced to be a fugitive
A shorty outta Shaolin Isle with somethin new to give
You wanna hear it? It goes a little somethin like this
The Wu-Tang click is comin thick
If I must be the setter then I'ma have to set it
Forget it, that's your last buck don't even bet it
If it's rough then it's right and I'm never goin left
I'm not a comedy but my jams pack mad def
My napsack's full with mad goodies
My click keeps a low profile with black hoodies
You wanna see me flop, well how can you figure
Cause bein rough and rugged's doin well for a nigga

[Sample] (Pop Da Brown Hornet)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo over here Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo move em over here Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo I don't care where you move em just keep em movin)
Gotta move it over here
(That's all I want you to do baby, hah)

Back in the flesh it's the wanna get buckwild
From Staten Isle it's the return of the rugged child
I'm no pimp but I walk with a slick limp
And I catch a dunk off the funk like Shawn Kemp
I be the beat of the rugged rhyme freaker
To blow out your speaker, got more soul than sneakers
I swing the parties with the tunes that I hit, many bit
But then I zipped up that lip quick
I keep it smashed when they dash for my cash they get blast
And slapped on that ass real fast
I'm supposed to be the best when they flex
Don't get vexed, just put that mess right to rest
I'm an enemy cause my style is not public
Don't dub it cause my flow is masteredly rugged

[Sample] (Pop Da Brown Hornet)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo when I hear this jam right here I know Shy is tellin me keep em movin)
Gotta move it over here
(That means if I gotta pull a biscuit out your head and tell you)
Gotta move it over here
(To get off the wall that's what I'ma tell ya)
Gotta move it over here
(Cause he's comin hardcore for ya, unh unh)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo keep em movin Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo like over here Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo, yo keep em movin Shy)
Gotta move it over here
(Yo keep em movin yo, yo keep em movin

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