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Shirlee Temper – Ballad Under Fire lyrics

Verse 1:
It's overcast outside and as I sit here underneath all the grey
I think about the times when I was lost caught sinking and I couldn't find my way
Those times when I thought I'd never heal or feel sunshine upon my face
Or make it through another day in pain, the strain too much of it, too fast, too great
How could I keep on going with all that I know, meanings come across with the tones they throw
Blowing my mind, crushing my heart, breaking my body, my faith, my soul
If you're spinning like your living stuck on 3. 333
And on and on and on, and on and on and on
Infinity, you're just like me

Who can I talk to, that'll know this ain't all about you
So me and my pen and pad we get mad as I write this fire just to get me through (repeat 3x's)

Verse 2:
Seems like I been driving this whole soul sucking day and I wish, I wish,
I wish I could stop in one single lousy spot and stay away, away, away,
Away from all these places I don't wanna be, away from all these faces I don't want to see, away from all this lying that they keep on trying to keep feeding me,
Oh won't somebody, anybody, pretty please, sedate me, save me from the crazies coming to take me,
Emancipate my fragile mental state, Lord liberate me somebody sedate me
It's shaking me, it's breaking me, it's making me, it's making me go crazy
It's taking me, it's shaking me, it's making me, it's making me, it's making me go crazy

Chorus Repeat:

Verse 3:
Daily Frustrations keeping me pacing, making, making crazy eight's
Tasting temptation, much deliberation, chasing, chasing crazy ways
I thinks I sink into the brinks of too much thinking
I thinks me thinking to brinks of extinction and word after word, after word, after word, after word, after word, after word

Chorus Repeat:

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