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Shinedown – Second Chance lyrics

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    My son was 20 when he died 2 1/2 years ago in a car accident. Before he died I had told him that this song made me think of him, and he agreed. We always had a battle of points and this and that, but he was my one and only and we were extremely close.
    When he died, I knew this song had to be played at his funeral.
    His good bye to heaven was his second chance, and he was telling me that. I know he's with me all the time, and happy and at peace. I love the part listen close, this is my one and only voice - so very true. Parents listen to those little ones - they got a lot to say. God bless you jamie - love mom!
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  • w
    Honestly, from the very first time I heard this song, I thought it was about a young man going into the military to be shipped off over seas and to finally do something with his life, "By the way, I'm leaving out today."
    Seems like he's been doing nothing with his life and is going nowhere fast. Especially since Halley's Comet only comes around about every 75 years and he says that the comet spoke to him saying, "why you always running in place?"
    He further states that he believes his life is going nowhere when he sings, "Even the man in the moon disappeared..." The "man in the moon" is stagnant, and never goes anywhere.
    The chorus reminds me of that military commercial where the kid is having trouble talking to his parents about joining the army. "Tell my mother, tell my father I've done the best I can. To make them realize this is my life I hope they understand..."
    Anyway, that's always been my take on the song.
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  • g
    To me this song is about suicide. When he says I made it through the day, it means that he made it through even though hes so depressed. The "Why you always running in place, literally means, he never gets anywhere". So then he wants his parents to understand that its his life and his chice to end it, and that hes not mad, he wants to give someone else a second chance by leaving them. So then he doesn't want people to cry about his death, that hes not afraid because he knows it what he in his mind has to do. And he wants people to listen to what hes saying right now because he can't say it again after hes dead. Then the corus again. Blah, blah, blah. But I love this song, and this is merely what I beleive it means, I could be wrong xd.
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  • s
    Poor little pangea. This is absolutely great writing. He has taken his misfortune and turned it into a beautiful song. It relates to many of us here. We feel misunderstood and we want a second chance or give others a second chance. Look beyond what they lyrics are literally saying. Its not just that he is misunderstood but he also wants to get his life together.
    "I just saw Haley's Comet she waved Said 'Why you always running in place'"
    That means that other people see him as though he is running towards something but isn't really going anywhere. So he is leaving those who don't truly understand him so he can make something of himself and come back for. Wait for it. A second chance.
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  • g
    But I am tired of people sayig, oh the song means this. It could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. It is merely what you people think the song means. Like I as said in my post thinks it is talking about suicide, even though a lot of people said its just about breaking away from your parents, I beleive it goes down a lot deeper than that, like when I listen to the lyrics each line has a meaning to me all talking about suicide. But seriously.
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