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Shinedown – Devour lyrics

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Submitted byaddicted2her


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    What this song is talking about is War. Why? Well it is referring to the leaders that send troops against the enemies with out caring if anyone dies. So in other words Emotionless leaders. "Take it, take it, take it, take it all." is referring to the objective of the assault. "You know they are only toys!" is showing that the leader hasn't a care about what happens to the soldiers, only that the objective is finished. (This next sentence is not meant to offend anyone, I'm very sorry if it does.) Sort of like the Japanese War leaders in wwii, it took two Nuclear Bombs to make them stop fighting. In a way at that time the leaders did not care who died, because they were "only toys". Also when the song says "Suffocate your own empire it is referring to the fact that these leaders probably don't realize they are destroying they're own country by being so heartless.
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    How can you support the troops but not the War. That makes no sense at all. The soldiers(me) are the War. We are the ones killing people and getting killed. We are carrying out the orders from above. What are you supporting when you support the troops? What we do, we kill. Where we are, in someone elses country. How we do it, very ruthless. Don't say you support us unless your ready to stand behind what we do! And what your hippie mind clearly doesn't grasp is there is No negotiating with these people at all. If we don't fight back they will be in your back door ready to take you head off and think nothing of it. That's the reality, if you choose to believe it is your own choice. They want a skewed muslem world and I'm not about to convert my views to make peace. I don't like the lyrics cause it seems they are putting down my President. Its funny cause I fight so they can write lyrics about the President I defend with my life. Hmmm?
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    I was just at a Concert were Shinedown headlined, and it was the best concert ever. If you think for a minute he disrespects the troops you are wrong buddy. He had the whole place get quiet and take a vow for the troops he talked about the troops for over 5 minutes. So don't talk about what you don't know brettfarve31 stick to your football. If any one would have said F the Troops he woulda had us all kick there Arses! God Bless.
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    This song is very bad if you think about it is talking about all are troops dieing for nothing I like the song but I am kinda pissed about it becuz all it is saying when Bush is getting out of office as well but are troops are fighting for are freedom and I can't believe people act like this we live in a free country and if you don't support or troop you are fools I believe my cuz was in the war and he didn't fight for nothing he is back now but you are calling my cuz a jerk becuz he went over and fought for you, you might as well be ashamed of urselfs as well are troop need to stay over there till the War is done if you guys have problems with this tough I am stong bring on the comments.
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