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She Wants Revenge – She Will Always Be A Broken Girl lyrics

She buys a new dress for the party,
She always looks good in red.
Turns around in front of the mirror
And disappears inside of her head.
She wonders if he'll even remember,
She asked him in a casual way.
Just incase he didn't want to go with her,
In that event she knew just what she would say.
She thought of maybe asking a girlfriend,
Even though she only has one or two.
She's always done much better with boys anyway,
So who needs girlfriends?
Pacing nervous across the floor of her bedroom,
Gripping tight the phone in her hand.
Fighting beck the rush of emotions,
And dreaming of just having a man.

It's a long walk, and the music is loud.
She sees an old friend,
As she walks through the crowd.
Puts on her best smile,
But underneath she's a broken girl.
But It's a long walk, and the music is loud.
She sees an old friend,
As she walks through the crowd.
Puts on her best smile,
But she will always be a broken girl.

She struggles with an awful decision,
Stay at home or walk in alone.
Her mother does her best to console her,
Her father doesn't know what to say.
Puts on her makeup, puts on the new dress.
Holds her head high, then gets in the car.
Tells herself that no one will notice,
Assuming she can make it that far.
On the way she imagines reactions.
Cupped hands whispering into ears.
Secretly hoping that he'll be there watching,
And she's also hoping he won't.
Walking tentative alone up the driveway,
Sees some people smoking off to the side.
She stops and waits until they go back in,
Crosses her fingers and follows behind.


He'll never get you,
He will never understand.
He'll never get you, you can find a better man.

This might be the time to break down.

Hush child don't make a sound.

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