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Shadows Fall – Burning The Lives lyrics

Soon a darkened pyramid will rise
There will be no escaping from the all seeing eye
Lost in blindness
Serving shielded masters still unkown

Chaos is their goal
Corrupt you heart and soul
The air is getting thin
Will you give in?

All the voices of the lost and forgotten
Still lay in their graves they've been silenced for their thoughts
Lost in blindness
This history is written in their blood

Chaos is their goal
Corrupt you heart and soul
The air is getting thin
Will you give in?

Burning the lives and the pride of the innocents
Tearing down all that we built!

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    I think it means that the governments are stealing away the lives of the people that build up the nations that they are built on. The people have been destroyed by the blood thirsty ways that the world has been made from, and their sacrafices are all in vain as no one remembers their names. But it is from their blood, sweat and tears that the civilizations have been raised out of. And no one remembers their names. So some people may grow bitter and turn their backs against what they worked to create. To get back at the ones who destroyed them. Perhaps once they're dead, their anger grows, corrupting them, and in turn corrupting the living?
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