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Set It Off – N.M.E. lyrics

Remove the gag and step away, he's suffocating.
You pull the strings day after day.
That's why he needs a break from you,
Bid your ass adieu,
A break from you,
Bitch, your ass is through.

Oh, I hope he hears these words
Maybe this time he will learn...

You should escape,
Skip town,
No more excuses,
Abandon ship or drown.
No more excuses,
you even have a plan of attack?
A way to react?
Oh no, you should escape, skip town,
You're better on your own.

Ok we get it,
You're both a happy couple,
Why else go through the trouble,
Of posting it ten times a day?
Break from you,
Bid your ass adieu,
We need a break from you,
Bitch, your ass is through.

If you're both in black and white
And they ask who dares defy,
I'll be raising my hand high.

If anyone should object to this marriage,
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Yeah, I got somethin' to say...

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