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Sentenced – New Age Messiah lyrics

(music: Tenkula & sentenced, words: Jarwa)
"He shall appear to thee and thou shall know Him.
He is no son of god, He is the son of the Earth! "
A new Messiah...
He's walked among the living
And lived among the dead
He holds the key up there...
Far too long - the truth's been inverted by false tongues
And far too long - false prophets have infested the holy ground;
The holy Earth;
The pagan Reign of Nature...
Now the time is right (too late)
Fall from Grace, New Age Messiah
As a lightning cracks the the sky
Show the world it's final fare
Rise to the heights, New Age Massiah
They will worship you and hail!
As the world goes down the drain
The new Messiah leads the way!
"He shall appear to thee and thou shall understand,
He shall promise no salvation but let you see what is imminent. "
Chosen by His own will
As written by Himself
A new Messiah
Has come to guide mankind
On it's downward trail
He holds the key down there...
Far too long - thay had to wait Him to arrive
And far too long - the hordes believed all the lies
Now all can see: the "Hand of Darwin" rocks this human cradle-grave
God is dead. God is dead. Long live the Nature!
Fall from grace, New Age Messiah
On your first and last crusade
Show the worlds it's final fate
Rise to the heights, New Age Messiah
So they can hear Your words of gold
As the world goes down the drain
The new Messiah makes your day
Fall from grace, New Age Messiah
From the dark side of the Moon
To the point of no return - welcome to the Prophet of Doom
Open doors to the new reality
As the World goes down the drain
A new Messiah walks away

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