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SeAzOn ALL – Black Man lyrics


not a n anusno I'm. a black man I've
got the pride of Claude Mckay I'm. a black man I've
got the courage of mlk I'm. a black man The
voice of Sojourner Truth I'm. a black man I'm
not a n anusno I'm. a black man I've
got the strength of my mama I'm. a black man I've
got the heart of my daddy I'm. a black man I'm
in the image of my God I'm. a black man Verse

***1 It's***
like I'm stuck in a bad dream an can't wake up of it Nobody
hears my screams no matter how loud get I've
been taken over by some cat I don'tknow He
came and stole my body infiltrated, my soul So
I'll stand on this railroad Here. comes the locomotive I'm
'bout to kill this n anusI'm. unsure of my motive Just
know I want him gone I. want the n anusout my life 'Cuz
everytime a n anusspeaks it gives another n anuslife And
another born is just an addition to our plight The
plight of our human race people red yellow, black, and, white So
it's not enough to kill just my n anusI. want a genocide Black
people we're lions let's take the n anusout the pride 'Cuz
everytime it rolls off our tongue we're stabbing in the back The
brothers and sisters who fought so free could connect to black We've
bound ourselves in chains man and nigga's just one of the links I
can't break it on my own I'm. strong but need power of we But
too many of we have decided that n anusshould be Every
black man's name The. black man's I D. So.
I write this rhyme in red ink dip, my pen in the Dead Sea Spill
blood on my pad to kill the n anusthat's been killing me Hook


***2 See***
I'm gon' write this verse on envelopes so I can address All
the n s****that make a nest and fly out of white breath This
type of halitosis no amount of Scope or Crest Gon'
ever make a difference 'cuz the problem rests beneath the breast It's
within the heart of every bigot every, racist person Within
the spirit of everybody who don't know for certain That
we're all a child of God we're, all created equal That
we are Watu Moja That. means we're One People So
white man white man let me tell you this You're
still my brother even though color is of a different mix And
I'm gonna love you whether or not you ever give a spit if I
laugh or cry I, live or die when you verbally crack your whip And
black man black man let me say to you Just
keep your cool when a white spits a n anusat you Don't
let it light your fuse Just. let it roll right off your back Smile
at 'em kindly and pray they find the sense they lack 'Cuz
if you let that n anusmake you bleed you help that n anusbreath And
you make that man bleed you become the n anushe wants to see So
I write this rhyme in red ink dip, my pen in the Dead Sea Spill
blood on my pad to kill the n anusthat's been killing me Hook


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