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SE O – Flame lyrics

Gaseume jiwojiji anheul
Gipge pain heunjeokdeul
Deouk deo nareul moraneohneun
Geosen geu barameun

Ije naega maeumdaero
Umjigil su jocha eopsgehae
Nuni meon geoscheoreom soneul ppeodeobojiman

Gaseum soge pumeun bulkkocc
Nareul jibeosamkyeo taewo
Amugeosdo boiji anha
Geujeo apa ijen

There is a flame (a flame)
In my heart (my heart)
The flame in my heart is burning me

Oneul bameul beotimyeon dallajilkka
Dari jigo haega tteul ttae
Nuni busil achimcheoreom
Dangyeonhage oneun sungancheoreom

Yeogiseo jebal nareul meomchwojwo
Doragago sipeo geujeo
Amugeosdo sijakdoeji anheun
Amugeosdo kkeutnaji anheun geuttaero

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