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Scaramanga – Special EFX (feat. Godfather Don) lyrics

[Godfather Don]
Uhh, yeah, Scaramanga, Sun Large, Godfather
Rasco, ask O he holds the cash flow
Big Lance, supreme grounder, Allah Magnetic
Uh, you know how we get down for the millenium
Check it, while I shine bright like deep dishes
To spite your weak disses
Rock mics, freak bitches, freestyle technique vicious
You pick up the mic to fight, receive stitches
While I reap riches, this is one of my three wishes
The other two is first I smother you fuckers who
Chew everything a brother do, faker than the Huxtables
Indestructible, my fat physics withered the raps
Is it the gats clip with the aks that wax wicked, the cats
Get addicted to, my mystical mics that inflicts the truth
With gifted jewels uplifting fools, like .44s they be blazing
Amazing like black chicks mixed with Asian, it's unbelievable
How I leave a crew, lacerate letters inconceivable
Dead your men like evil do, we knew all sluts in the street
Cause once in the street with beef you can get punched in the teeth
Now you're spitting bone chips, your lips and phones ripped
By the rhymes and cold stripped like chicks I bone swift
In zones, it's BK, we slay each day it's Fat Beats and tres
Then we blow you away so fuck your nice day

Scaramanga black Lex, flex the banger
Nets ranging for crews in danger, diamond finger anger
Throw up the text heavy like gold bullion bricks
Chicks like Rolex, cheques Express for dialect
Sunk into your set pumping Special Efx'
Demolisher dropping the apocryphal
Through the eyes of a photographer
Polish knowledge at Wiz to a wise
Sizable, rising to the top always
All days in more ways than advisable
Like lah, putting a high in you
Dying to survive, a live wire the right voltag

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