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Satomi – Crazy lyrics

Namae kurai machigawanaide yo
Jibunkatte na koudou ni iradatsu no
Watashi ga nani mo kidzuite'nai to demo?
Barebare na no itsumo miteta kara

How can I sit still keep thinking where are you today?
Call natteru wa yo betsu ni deta tte ii no yo
Tell me if you want my tears I'm happy to she'd few
Uso kusai excuse mou kikiakita no

U're so crazy tsugou isugiru wa
Crazy crazy nando mo minogashita no
U're so crazy tte yuu ka minai furi
Crazy crazy sorosoro genkai ne

Sokora no onnanoko to
Onaji level de atashi wo miteru no?
Kireigoto naraberu no otokui ne
Anata no supe-Su nante
Mou koko ni wa nai tte koto

How can I sit still keep thinking where are you today?
Yoroshiku yatte yo ne koukai suru no wa anata no hou
Tell me if you want my tears I'm happy to she'd few
Kurikaeshitereba ii itsuka hitori ni naru wa

U're so crazy anata no tame ni
Crazy crazy ikiteru wake ja nai no
U're so crazy sugaritakunai no
Crazy crazy kono vibes joudan ja nai

You say I'm crazy
I say you shady
You know you my lady
It's donnis baby
Ima stay home
When I'm finished with bizness
I'm tired of games
Wanna give you my name
I know
Things our strange
And we aint tha same
But you all I know of love
Cuz I'm in out of clubs
In and out of whips
In and out of chics
Gottem lickin they lips
Why they swayin they hips
But hey.... Baby girl
It's tha way I do
And it's tha way they react
When tha watch turn blue
You reacted tha same
When I asked ya name
Now you wanna act funny
Like ye aint see tha money
Like you aint get asthma
Soon as you seen tha plasma
Tha car much faster
Donnis is a bastard
But so fly
Soo cool so smooth
I know ya thinking that I'm
Shady but I still choose you

Iiwake naraberu yori ayamaru no ga saki desho?
Dete ikanai no nara dete yuku wa
е1(ichi en) no kachi mo nai 7(hito) to wa tsukiaenai
Warui kedo Pass1(ichi)
Wow Wow Wow Wow

[* Repeat]

U're so crazy
Crazy crazy
U're so crazy
Crazy crazy

U're so crazy mou kimeta koto
Crazy crazy anata ni kono hen de bye-bye

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