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Saosin – Plays Pretty For Baby lyrics

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  • u
    ZombehMan is reaching a bit.

    Here's my interpretation:
    I need the song started over = Anthony wishes his love could start from the beginning.

    Lay back, the song is almost over = His relationship is coming to a sad, but inevitable end. Also saying that she and he should just loosen their grips and let go peacefully; there's no stopping what's bound to happen.

    Your crying made me miss my favorite part = All of his girlfriend's complaints caused Anthony to miss or not truly enjoy/experience any of the good moments they (could have) shared. This is why he "needs the song started over".

    I hear the exclamation point! = A play on words. He hears and understands all her complaints or the 'point' she is trying to making loudly/forcefully (exclamation). Not sure about this one.

    The rest of the lyrics are prepositional or provide tactile imagery for the listener. The meaner part implies the look in her eyes were cruel, even to the person she was supposed to love. I assume he mentions her green eyes because that was one of the things he felt was most beautiful about her and would miss most. A bit of visual ethos. Then he also creates a bit painful dissonance in his words by mentioning both the cherished memory of her beautiful green eyes he loved so and the undesirable recollections of her disdainful looks.
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  • z
    This song for me is about staying as friends with a girl you've broke up with, at the start 'i feel her smooth skin slightly
    Brush against the back side of my arm. '
    Is kinda like a tenstion.
    She starts crying when their both listening to a song they both used to listen too, and 'Rachael' (his ex) 'Its times like these I wonder' he's saying that he thinks mabye they should both try again, but 'cause it stops there it probably means she's told him no before he could finish what he was guna say or something.
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