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Sailor Moon – Suki To Itte (Tell Me You Like Me) lyrics

(lines prefixed.. Are translations of the preceding lines)

Nandaka atama ga fuwa-Fuwa suruwa
Anata no egao o omoidasu-tabi
Yume-ni miteta taipu ja nai kedo
Mahou mitai kon'na tokimeki
.. Any head becomes confused
.. Whenever it remembers your face
.. You're not the type of guy I dreamed of
.. This thumping heartbeat seems like magic

Nanimo shinakute mo soba-ni ireba
Kumo mo michi mo ki mo utaidasu no
.. Not even knowing anything, being next to you
.. Even the clouds, the road, the trees break into song

Suki da yo to itte ne kawaii to itte ne
Don-don sunao ni nareruwa hitokoto-de
*koi-shiteru kokoro o kyunto shita kokoro o
 massugu shinjite -yukitai don'na toki mo
.. Tell me you like me, tell me I'm cute
.. I will become much, much more honest, with just one word
..*a loving heart, a feeling heart
.. I want you to honestly believe, anytime

Saisho no deito wa sf movie
Tonari-de bakusui atama ni kichau yo
On'na no ko no kimochi nante
Kitto nanimo wakattenai no ne
.. Our first date was a sci-fi movie
.. Next to me, you fell asleep, that hurt me
.. You don't seem to understand anything at all
.. About a girl's feelings

Ryokou doraibu ya kisu mo shitai
Sukoshi-zutsu-de ii oboetai na
.. Going for a drive, I want to kiss you
.. Just a little bit is enough, I want to remember

@suki da yo to itte ne kawaii to itte ne
 don-don yasashiku nareruwa hitokoto-de
 Kenka shita toki koso surechigau toki koso
 Kichin to nayande yukitai anata to -nara
..@tell me you like me, tell me I'm cute
.. I will become much, much more gentle, with just one word
.. The times we fought, the times we argued
.. I want to worry deeply when I'm with you


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